Outboard Propellers

Excellent performance, High-quality and Economical propeller


Patent special aluminum alloy satisfying durability and mechanical property is used, which is suitable for leisure boat and work boat, proved by long research and test.

You can use the BaekSan propellers for various outboard motor engines in the range of 4 ~ 300 Hp, which are designed and manufactured in various pitches and sizes.

You can replace the interchangeable hub kit for Mercury D/E, Honda D/E, Johnson E, Tohatsu D class very easily.

In case the propeller hits a rock or floating object during sailing, additional damage to the power transmission can be prevented thanks to the high impact absorption.

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Economical merits

- The BaekSan Propellers can give high profit to everyone who have an outboard motor boat.
- BaekSan Propellers are interchangeable with the genuine propellers of outboard motor brands, and our propellers are more economical.

Selection of the propeller

- Choose the same diameter and pitch as the propeller you are using now.
- As the propeller may be different depending on the engine and the boat, our dealers will help you select proper one.

Economical merits image : diameter - The diameter of hte circle scribed by the blade tips as the propeller rotates. / pitch - The linear distance that the propeller would move in one complete revolution. ...
Outboard propeller FAQ

3-blade or 4-blade propeller

- 3-blade propeller : We recommend these propellers for recreational boats with 3, 4, and 6 cylinder outboards and I/O engines. These propellers provide good "hole shot" and top-speed performance.

- 4-blade propeller : We recommend these propellers for bass boats and boats with high performance hulls running high horsepower outboard engines. They provide better "hole shot" performance with less steering torque and less vibration at high speeds as compared with 3-blade propellers.

an aluminum or stainless steel propeller

Aluminum propellers are inexpensive, easy to repair as compared with stainless steel propellers. Stainless Steel is more expensive, but much stronger and durable than aluminum propellers.

Check my motor's operating RPM range

Please operate your motor within the recommended RPM range. You can only check with a tachometer. There are various kinds commercially available.

Purpose of the rubber cushion hub in an outboard propeller

It is not intended to prevent blade damage as is sometimes assumed. This device protects lower unit parts by cushioning the shock of propeller impact. Its prime purpose, however, is to prevent excessive breakage of shear or drive pins that otherwise would occur due to the jolt or shock that is experienced in the process of shifting gears.

thru-hub exhaust, over-hub exhaust, non thru-hub exhaust

thru-hub exhaust
Over/Thru-hub exhaust propellers are a combination of thru-hub and over-hub exhaust propellers. This allows some exhaust to escape at lower RPMs, providing a controlled amount of exhaust flooding. These types of propellers will allow the propeller to be slightly easier to turn during initial acceleration, allowing for a better hole shot on some engine/boat combinations.

over-hub exhaust
Over-hub exhaust propellers have the blades attached directly to the smaller tube that fits over the propeller shaft, eliminating the larger exhaust tube. These types of propellers are often used for attaining maximum top speeds. (On some boats, the hole shot can suffer due to extreme exhaust flooding that occurs around the propeller blades during acceleration.)

non thru-hub exhaust
Non thru-hub exhaust propellers are used for inboards using shaft driven propellers, sterndrives using through hull exhaust, and on some outboards that don't route the exhaust through the lower torpedo.

Propeller by Outboard motor Engines
    propeller for YAMAHA
    • Y5 by YAMAHA Y5
    • Y8 by YAMAHA Y8
    • Y15 by YAMAHA Y15
    • Y30 by YAMAHA Y30
    • Y40 by YAMAHA Y40
    • PY40 by YAMAHA PY40
    • Y60 by YAMAHA Y60
    • Y150 by YAMAHA Y150
    propeller for MERCURY
    • M5 by MERCURY M5
    • M15 by MERCURY M15
    • M25 by MERCURY M25
    • M40 by MERCURY M40
    • M90 by MERCURY M90
    • M150 by MERCURY M150
    • 4M90 by MERCURY 4M90
    • 4M150 by MERCURY 4M150
    propeller for SUZUKI
    • S15 by SUZUKI S15
    • S30 by SUZUKI S30
    • S40 by SUZUKI S40
    • S60 by SUZUKI S60
    • S90 by SUZUKI S90
    propeller for HONDA
    • H15 by HONDA H15
    • H30 by HONDA H30
    • H40 by HONDA H40
    • H90 by HONDA H90
    • H150 by HONDA H150
    • 4H90 by HONDA 4H90
    • 4H150 by HONDA 4H150
    propeller for JOHNSON
    • J15 by JOGHSON J15
    • J25 by JOGHSON J25
    • J48 by JOGHSON J48
    • J70 by JOGHSON J70
    • J150 by JOGHSON J150
    propeller for TOHATSU
    • T8 by TOHATSU T8
    • T15 by TOHATSU T15
    • T30 by TOHATSU T30
    • T40 by TOHATSU T40
    • T90 by TOHATSU T90